The Maker por Tamara Maynes

The Maker por Tamara Maynes

Titulo del libro: The Maker

Autor: Tamara Maynes

Número de páginas: 272 páginas

Fecha de lanzamiento: February 11, 2016

ISBN: 1743365217

Editor: Murdoch Books UK

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Tamara Maynes con The Maker

The Maker provides inspiration and information for mastering your chosen craft and using these skills to create individual interiors in a home.

'What can I craft with my own hands that will make my space special?' In this book filled with inspiration, advice and projects, Tamara Maynes shows you how to achieve an intimate connection with your home by mastering your craft, bringing raw materials to life and creating an original space that bears your unique fingerprint.

Drawing on her own practice and the work and musings of many she admires, Tamara hopes to stir 'the maker' in every reader; to encourage them to connect deeply and bring comfort, beauty and individuality to their home. The Maker celebrates those who are already 'good with their hands', while offering membership to those who want to join the club. It shows how to craft a space and 'make' a home, in the most perfect sense.

Author bio:
A pioneer of Australia's modern craft movement, Tamara Maynes works diligently as an advocate of the value of craftsmanship, good design and considered raw materials. Tamara's own making and design practice began when she was a small child, and is informed by nostalgia, colour, shape and modernity. She has produced clever DIY projects in the pages of interior magazines such as Inside Out and Real Living; crafts custom commissions for an array of creative industries; and influences aspiring makers through workshops at Megan Morton's The School. Modern craft enthusiasts also visit Tamara's online store The Six Week Boutique to indulge in her handcrafted pieces. In recent years, Tamara's work has been exhibited by invitation at both London and Milan Design Week alongside international sustainable design collective Supercyclers. Tamara lives in Melbourne, Australia, where she is also a stylist and the creative director of The Establishment Studios.