Figure Drawing for Concept Artists por Kan Muftic

Figure Drawing for Concept Artists por Kan Muftic

Titulo del libro: Figure Drawing for Concept Artists

Autor: Kan Muftic

ISBN: 1909414441

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Kan Muftic con Figure Drawing for Concept Artists

Figure Drawing for Concept Artists is an essential primer that aims to bring traditional figure drawing techniques and knowledge to every concept artist's skill set. Accessibly written and lavishly illustrated by Kan Muftic, a professional concept artist and respected industry practitioner, this book celebrates the common ground between traditional life drawing and the fast-paced world of the concept art industry. When drawing from life, an artist learns how to capture dynamic figures, diverse bodies, and challenging poses in a timed, live setting—skills that can be translated perfectly to the fast, intensive approach needed by contemporary concept artists.

This book is an invaluable resource for digital artists wanting to ground their work in classical art skills, and traditional artists wanting to find their way into the concept art industry. Learn about the materials, tools, and observational skills needed to make successful life drawings, how to capture the forms of the human body on paper, and how to improve your character and concept art with a dynamic approach to figures and anatomy. Clean, readable, minimalist pages and stunning, insightful drawings make this book easy to follow and learn from, as well as inspiring to browse through at your leisure. Figure Drawing for Concept Artists offers a unique, up-to-date perspective on classical skills, with the contemporary practitioner in mind.

Kan Muftic
Traditionally trained in fine arts, Kan Muftic is currently working as an animation director on a Netflix project. He has worked as a visual development artist for many major projects and franchises, with film credits including Guardians of the Galaxy, Doctor Strange, Godzilla and Jungle Book: Origins, and video game credits including Destiny and the Batman: Arkham series. Figure drawing has always been Kan’s passion, and he has spent many years studying figure drawing and anatomy, which has had a significant influence on his professional work.