The Noonday Demon (English Edition) por Andrew Solomon

The Noonday Demon (English Edition) por Andrew Solomon

Titulo del libro: The Noonday Demon (English Edition)

Autor: Andrew Solomon

Número de páginas: 563 páginas

Fecha de lanzamiento: March 31, 2012

Editor: Vintage Digital

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Andrew Solomon con The Noonday Demon (English Edition)


Like Primo Levi's The Periodic Table, The Noonday Demon digs deep into personal history, as Andrew Solomon narrates, brilliantly and terrifyingly, his own agonising experience of depression.

Solomon also portrays the pain of others, in different cultures and societies whose lives have been shattered by depression and uncovers the historical, social, biological, chemical and medical implications of this crippling disease. He takes us through the halls of mental hospitals where some of his subjects have been imprisoned for decades; into the research labs; to the burdened and afflicted poor, rural and urban. He talks to faith healers and voyages around the world in a quest for folk wisdom. He analyses the medications of today as well as reviewing the politics of diagnosis and treatment and, perhaps most significantly, he looks at the vital role of will and love in the process of recovery.